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February 27, 2012

#1710 Cooking Skills ....

Ok it's really not my Cooking Skills but I couldn't find another title LOL ..

Today I'm gonna cook for my sister!
I promised her that I'm gonna make Korean pancakes for her!!

I also invited 2 friends of me Avreyl and Lae.
Sorry for the others I didn't invite, or the stress was to high ..
Because cooking for 6 is already a challenge.

So these are the dishes I made
It looks a little bit messy
I just don't have the time to make it pretty LOL

So what we have here?!
My seafood tofu soup was one of the succeeded!
With kelp, potatoes, different kind of seafood, enogi and tofu of course LOL

Tteokboki was really a fail!!
You only can taste the chili and I haven't put many of it!!
I'm really gonna try to make this again!!
The sauce just disappear ... LOL

My Korean Pancakes was in my opinion the best!
I made it before but this time with carrot and spring onion!!
It was just perfect!!

My fried udon with chicken meat was a little broken!!
It was to long on the heat LOL
BUT still taste tasty ..

My Honey Chicken wings were also tasty!!
I haven't make it for a while ..

These are only my opinion
I don't what the others think about it
I think it was just tasteless ..
I'm not a salty person and I think .. don't put to much salt!!

After dinner we got just some alcohol!!
HI TEU ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We also got Soju & Makgeolli
BUT I love Hite the most!! ^.^

Thanks Avreyl & Lae for coming!
Tomorrow part 2!!
Love you gurls  

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