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February 2, 2012

#1686 Today On Menu

I wasn't suppose to cook this week
BUT I just can't let it to get in the kitchen again
I was so hungry for the past 2 days LOL
I got a soup and a dish with rice today

This is my soup
It's leek soup

It's my first try to make it
I bought a leek for the pea soup
BUT I didn't know in the pea soup package there was already leek in it
So I got a leek left
So let's try to make a leek soup LOL
It's my style?
Well I don't know
I also got a pepper left so I put the half in here 
And added some pine nuts in it 
Well it was actually not that bad!!
BUT I'm not really a leek lover
SO ... don't know LOL

This is my very tasty Chicken in Curry sauce
It's maybe my most delicious one ever

I don't know why actually
Maybe because I added something else in that I never add before!!
I think that's the reason!!
So u will probably ask what is it ..
Well I added Korean red pepper pasta LOL ..
Delicious ~~~~~~ 

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