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February 19, 2012

#1700 FUN FUN

Sorry, I hadn't got time to blog yesterday
When I was home I immediately went to bed!
I just got lack of sleep ..
And now I got to much sleep
I slept like 14 hours!!
So before I go to work
Let me blog about yesterday!!

I had fun!!
The party was just 대박
Really thank you all for the great party!!
Sorry if I'm being annoying
I'm mostly when I touched alcohol LOL

Thank you for the food!!
The 떡볶이 was really tasty!!
It's also the first time I eat it with cheese!!
Must make it by myself once .. ^^

I didn't make many pictures but most are on my facebook
Just a picture with my little sister
I was so stupid to send it over to someone when I drunk a little bit to much

It was just so fun he just answer back with
"I really hope I was there too"

Thanks Jinhwan & Wooyoung for all the trouble!!
I really love the chair and can take it home LOL
I hope there will be another party next time LOL 

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