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February 20, 2012

#1701 Shopping Time

My mother woke me up!!
I was really dead!!
BUT she said the weather is nice so .. let's get shopping!!
So we went to Amsterdam to shop!!
There was still sale ..
I like sale!!

I got a new pair of shoes again!!
I'm really shoe addicted!!
I can't come home without a pair of shoes while shopping LOL
Also a new jacket!!
For next winter I think ...
And a sweater!!
I really love the sweater because I was suppose to buy it ...
BUT now it was in sale it was just much better!!
I'm to lazy to make any picture of it LOL

Because I was only with my mother
We went to eat something easy
We had dinner @ The Bijenkorf

I took the grilled salmon plate and my mother the fried egg noodles with shrimps
It was actually quite tasty!!
I really love the salmon!!
The noodles just looks so simple ...

I thank mother for the day
and for all the stuffs!!!
She bought everything for me
Love you my mother!!

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