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October 22, 2012

#1905 Like A Tourist

The days are really flying
It's already my day off again

Today I'd met a friend of a 'friend' who visited Holland for a couple of days
I promised her for an interview
BUT to bad I couldn't help her ..
Because the questions are just not my category ...
I really feel sorry about that

I planned to take her to Anna Frank house together with Lae but to bad when we were there
The line up was to long so it ruined my planning
We actually hell don't know what to do ...

We brought Anna to her hostel so she knows were the hostel is
so she will know the way back ..

We just walked around..
Had some pancakes and 'cold' tea

Later Lae left us but Jessica joined us ..
We don't know what to eat
So we just went to Vapiano to have dinner
My fusilli with funghi was really NOT ...
Hope next time its better ...

Was nice meeting Anna
Although it was short and unplanned
Hope she enjoyed it and continue to enjoy her trip in Europe ..
And maybe I will see you in Korea ..

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