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December 26, 2011


Happy Birthday to my (twitter) buddy Sammy boy!!! ^^
(Sam, Samual or Slickman LOL)
May all your wishes come true!!!

I promised him I will post a special entry for his birthday
SO buddy here it comes!!!
Don't look @ my English .. Its sucks!!

Follow him @ twitter!! That's It! LOL!/slickman32

Haha I don't know what to say
What can I tell about him?
I don't know much actually ...
He's a big fan of Manchester United
He don't like Manchester City!
And Arsenal, Chelsea, Arsenal!! LOL

And my Park Chu Young .. Only Park Ji Sung ... LOL
He like to watch beach volleyball? LMAOOO
Also Tennis!! Won't miss any grand slam!!
and many other sport I think ^^
Just a sport fanatic!!

Just follow him ^-^

Anyway Happy Birthday & Boxing day buddy ^^
Hope u enjoy your day ^^

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