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August 22, 2011

#1477 Bad Friend

I'm such so a bad friend . .
Sometimes I think I'm funny and make jokes
BUT actually it's not fun and make my friends hurt
It's just talking bad about my friends
But it wasn't mine meaning
Sorry about it ...

Today I met my friend Polly in Haarlem
I was really deep in sleep ..
She called me 21 times and I didn't even heard it ...
I don't know but sometimes I really scared of her
She's just sometimes a bitch
But I'm familiar with it .. but still
Isn't I don't want to lose a friend or what?

Well I was happy she visit me ..
We got lunch @ Brinkmann

This is what I took
Juanita Salad: Tortilla with cheese with salsa sauce & creme fraiche
Too bad there was to many tomatoes (that I don't eat)
And to less cheese (that I love)

And after just shop for a while
OMG there is still sale
I bought 2 pairs shoes only for 28 euro ..
HMMM I got to many shoes ...
And once again tooooo much crap!

The gift from Polly & Joey from Turkey
Well I asked for it ...
It wasn't actually what I want
This one is too sweet ...
BUT thanks anyway ^^

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