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August 13, 2011

#1467 ♥ My Korean Male Stars ♥

Lately I'm totally back into Korea stuffs
I was always into Korean movies
And this year I watched 3 Korean drama's
That is totally a record because I hardly watch them
And thanks to variety show Running Man
I totally love that show!!

Korean men are so attractive, cool and HOT
Well here some of my FAVO @ the moments LOL
Really got an eye @ "old" people LOL

NOT in any order

Jo In Sung/Jo In Seong [1981-Jul-28]
He was already on my list
He's just so damn HOT
Love him in What Happened In Bali & The Classic
And I still want to see A Frozen Flower
I'm happy he's back from his militairy service!!
Hope to see him in a drama/movie again!!

Lee Sun Gyun [1975-Mar-02]
First I saw him in Running Man EP 41 as guest!
And than I watched the drama Pasta
And now he's on my wanted movie/drama list
His voice is just so men!!
So attractive & COOOL

Gary Kang [1978-Feb-24]
He's one of the members from Running Man
And one of my favorite
Together with Song Ji Hyo as Monday couple
He's peareful face is just so funny!
Opppa fighting!!

Joo Ji Moo [1974-Aug-11]
200 pounds beauty!!

Kim Beom [1989-Jul-07]
Love him in Death Bell
I've cried so much when I saw it!
OK only that part!
U will know which part if u saw the movie ^^

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