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August 16, 2011

#1472 My So-Called Love

Title: My So-Called Love
Chinese Title: 愛的發聲練習
Year: 2008
Country: Taiwan
Running Time: 113 min
Director: Leading Lee
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: 7,1

Interesting story but sucks in every way
The story was a little bit slow
And also very complicated ...

Suddenly Xiao Mao was 30 years old @ the ending?
What happening between 18-30 years?
I understand that part when they all 4 life together
Because they are one big "family"
But I don't understand why Xiao Mao is suddenly pregnant?
AND where the hell came Sunshine out?? LOL
Neway I finished it ... *Disappointed*

I was shocked by the scene from Liang & Jie ...
I didn't expect that scene ....
Because he was hurt?!

OK I really have nothing against Barbie
But I just think she really don't suit this role!
She's just tooo old for this role as a "student" . . .
Maybe suit Joseph Chang but really dont suit Eddie

Joseph plays someone who's 34!
Well he's so handsome and so man so u will think he is LOL

I bought this movie for Eddie
As you know he's one of my favo actor from Taiwan
I was shocked about the scene with Lego Li
And I didn't know Lego Li was in here
Are they buddies in real life? LOL
Because they were also in Honey Clover in the same story line LOL

Easton Dong also appear in the last 20 minutes ...
I saw him in The Concerto and I thought he was only acting with talking problems
But he really have talking problems ....

Also I didn't know Queenie Liu was in here.

Xiao Mao desperately seeks true love, sometimes foolishly. She runs into her biological mother, only to discover her step father is a peeping-Tom. She elopes with her classmate Liang, but eventually betrays him. She finds comfort from Xiao Gu whom she met online, only to discover he is married. Xiao Mao then meets Sunshine who gives her the love she wants, but she starts to doubt his feelings for her . .

Barbie Hsu - Xiao Mao/Hsu Ke Yun
Eddie Peng - Chou Yu Liang
Joseph Chang - Xiao Gu
Easton Dong - Sunshine

Lego Li - Chen Shi Jie
Queenie Liu - Xiao Qing
Fang Wen Lin - Xiao Mao's Mother



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