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August 10, 2011

#1466 Pasta - Final

Korean: 파스타/Paseuta
English: Pasta
Genre: Food/Romance/Comedy
Episodes: 30
Country: Korea
Year: 2010
Rating: 9.4

Just let me mention there will be spoilers in here
So if you don't want to know about it just watch the pictures LOL
If you don't care just read it
Won't be much! English still sucks to mention too many LOL

OMG I finished 30 episodes a 45 minutes in 2 days!
OMG this just crazy!
I really didn't know
I will like it so much!!
And that for a person that hardly watch K-drama's

I just don't know what to watch
When I was searching between my DVD's
And I saw this drama got Lee Sun Gyun
So I give it a try
Because Sun Gyun Oppa was in Running Man
He's so attractive and cool! LOL

I really love this drama.
I love it more than the previous Korea drama I've watched
That was What Happened In Bali..
That one was already good but this one is in my opinion better!!

The story was maybe a little bit predictable
Arrogant selfish chef turned into a nice open chef because a girl!
Well I don't mind I love it!!
The story really touched my heart!
I was really scared when I hear a spoil about the ending
BUT lucky it wasn't true!!
Or it had makes me dropping tears!

Well the last episode was really touching actually
Because the harmony between in the kitchen became better and that touched my heart.
AND yeah happy ending!!
It started @ the crossroad, it ended @ the crossroad!!

I really love the chemistry between Yoo Kyeong & Hyeon Woo..
It was very irritating when Yoo Kyeong always calling Hyeon Woo by "CHEF" and never call him by name...
But other side it was really funny..
I just love them from the beginning till the end!!

I was really scared that Hyeon Woo goes back to Se Yeong & Yoo Kyeong gonna be with "MR Cactus" Kim San but that didn't happen.. Lucky
Not that I don't like Se Yeong & Kim San but I just like Hyeon Woo & Yoo Kyeong together..
And that's something different from this drama...
No "second" romance ... Se Yeong & Kim san stays single @ the end and didn't "try" to break the relationship from Hyeon Woo & Yoo Kyeong...
And in many drama's it will happen LOL

I think it was also very brave from Se Yeong when she exposed her own mistake and try to start over again...

And also what happened with Philip & Kim Kang?
Or that was only for a couple of scene??

Well I mention before I watched this drama because Lee Sun Gyun
And it was worth!!
Oppa will come in my list and I'm surely gonna catch more movies and even drama's from him!!

I thought I only watched Kong Hyo Jin in Dachimawa Lee, but NO
I also saw her in Guns & Talks, Memento Mori and I can't remember Volcano High.
Well all the movies are from her earlier years!
And I'm sure I gonna catch some more
She's a great actress and she looks very funny LOL
She looks like a little bit @ HK actress Charmaine Sheh in couple of scenes

Why Korean men are so HOT and attractive LOL?

Won: 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actress: Kong Hyo Jin
Won: 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award: Lee Sun Gyun & Kong Hyo Jin
Nominated: 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actor: Lee Sun Gyun
Nominated: 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actor: Alex

Spunky aspiring pasta Chef Yoo Kyeong has finally worked her way up fro a kitchen assistant to a junior chef at a high Italian restaurant "La Sfera". Her happiness doesn't last long though as the the demanding new head chef Hyeon Woo comes in and fired her and all the other female chefs on the first day of work. Yoo Kyeong manages to get her job back, but the drama is far from over. Hyeon Woo brings his own team of Italy-trained chefs to work opposite the original Korea-trained staff, inciting a heated rivalry. Sparks are flying left and right in the kitchen, but feuding soon leads to romance.

Kong Hyo Jin - Seo Yoo Kyeong
Lee Sun Gyun - Choi Hyeon Wook
Honey Lee Ha Nui - Oh Se Yeong
Alex - Kim San

Lee Hyeong Cheol - Geum Seok Ho
Jo Sang Gi - Jeong Ho Nam
Baek Bong Gi - Min Seung Jae
Choi Jae Hwan - Jeong Eun Soo
Heo Tae Hee - Han Sang Sik
Choi Jin Hyeok - Seon Woo Deok
Noh Min Woo - Philip
Kim Hyeon Woo - Lee Ji Hoon

Ha Jae Sook - Lee Hee Joo
Jeong Da Hye - Park Mi Mee
Son Seong Yoon - Park Chan Hee

Lee Sung Min - Seol Joon Seok
Jang Yong - Seo Jong Goo
Choi Min Seong - Ne Mo
Byeon Jeong Soo - Kim Kang
Yoon Yong Hyeon - Gwang Tae
Kim Dong Hee - Seo Yoo Sik

Special appearance:
Song Ok Sook - Yoo Kyeong's mother
Ryoo Seung Beom - Restaurant client
Jeong Dong Hwan - Hyeon Wook's chef

Yoo Kyeong
Hyeon Wook
Kim San

Yoo Kyeong & Hyeon Wook [Lovers]
Kim San & Yoo Kyeong [Friends/Supporter]
Se Yeong & Kim San [Friends]
Yoo Kyeong & Se Yeong [Roommate/Friends]
Yoo Kyeong Philip, Woo Deok, Ji Hoon & Eun Soo ["Pasta" team]
The Kitchen Team!

OK I don't hate them but they are very irritating!
Seol Joon Seok
Hee Joo
Mi Hee
Chan Hee
Seok Ho
Ho Nam
Seung Jae
Sang Sik

Sub: Kim Jung Ah - You’re Cute
OST: Kyuhyun - Listening to You
OST: M to M - I’m Going
OST: Every Single Day - Lucky Day
OST: Kim Dong Hee - Little Lie
OST: Clazziquai - Part Time Lover
OST: Elina - The Minstrel Boy

Memorable Scene:
I'm totally in love with Yoo Kyeong & Hyeon Wook!
I love many many scenes.. But let me mention a couple
- The first meeting beteen @ the crossroad with the gold fishes
- The last scene. It was so cute and sweet. It started @ a crossroad and it ended @ a crossroad
- The sweet kiss scene @ the bus stop...
- The scene when Seol Joon Seok exposed that he saw the scene when Hyeong Wook kissed Yoo Kyeong @ the bus stop to the whole kitchen team. Love in the kitchen is not allowed. But I was so touched when Hyeon Wook said 'Yoo Kyeong like me and I love Yoo Kyeong'
- The kitchen scene when "drunken" Hyeon Wook kissed Yoo Kyeong eyes and told her that he also love her.. So sweet & CUTE
- The scene when Hyeon Wook & Yoo Kyeong are in Eun Soo's house to wait for him. But they fell in sleep and when they were halk awake Eun Soo came home and join them with sleeping LOL
- The scene in the haven when "drunken" Yoo Kyeong pushed Hyeon Wook in the water. The waiting on the pier for the first fish arrived!
- When Yoo Kyeong was fired and slept in Yoo Kyeong's locker, because she can't leave the place.
- The scene in the hospital. When Hyeon Wook hold Yoo Kyeong hand
ETC ETC ETC .......


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