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August 7, 2011

#1463 London

One day trip to London
I haven't been in London/UK for 8 years already
And one day was really toooo short!!

I went there with my sis with the boat!
It's actually the first time I slept on a boat!
I remember when I was young I went to London by boat too
But we didn't get a cabin or something
Glad we got a cabin with TV or it was really bored!

The first we arrived in London was find a storage for our luggage!
And we went to the MAC to have dinner!
The hash brown or something is really tasty!!

AND we went to Oxford where we start our shopping till dinner time!!
OMG it was really to short!
We hadn't got time to go to Primark!!
Only Topshop, Forever 21, Pull & Bear and couple other shops
And I hadn't time to found some Converse shoes in my size *SIGH*

Well we couldn't the restaurant were we suppose to go
So we just hopped into a restaurant after long searching!
I took the macaroni Cheese *YUMMMY*

And before we know
We went back to Harwich to get on board!!
OMG just so tired from all that shopping/walking

And these are some things that I've bought!

It was fun but tired
Definitely go back again for shopping!
And sight seeing
Thanks my sis for the days ^^

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