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July 27, 2011

#1454 Chameleon

Title: Chameleon
Also Known As: Chameleon: Long Goodbye
Japanese Title: カメレオン
Chinese Title: 變色龍
Year: 2008
Country: Japan
Running Time: 97 min
Director: Junji Sakamoto
Genre: Actie
Rating: 6.8

A little bit disappointed in the story!
When I read the summary .. bla bla bla revenge OK
That revenge was only the last 10 minutes LOL
And that was all the action

Shall I say a surprising ending?
A little bit confused but I guess it's a happy ending!
Although really weird LOL

Once again a movie with Tatsuya Fujiwara!
No doubt about his acting!
This is my 5th movie from him
BR, BR2, Kaiji, The Incite Mill
I must get Death Note soon! LOL

Shun Shioya is maybe not that HOT in the movie
But he's damn HOT! LOL

Goro us a talented deceiver who has various characters, like a chameleon/ He and his team earn their living by tricking others. He falls in love with a fortune teller Keiko at first set. One day, Goro and the team witnessed a kidnapping and the victim is the key witness from bribery .. The kidnappers worried about Goro would disclose their secrets. They murdered his team one by one and Goro is out of revenge ...

Tatsuya Fujiwara - Goro Noguchi
Asami Mizukawa - Koshiko Keiko
Shun Shioya - Kosuke Harukawa
Kosuke Toyohara - Taka Kijima
Masato Hagiwara - Satoru Kajiwara
Hiroshi Inuzuka - Shuji Yamamura
Kei Tani - Kenzo Sakai
Haruko Kato - Noriko Yamamura
Ittoku Kishibe - Yoshitake Atsugi



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