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July 8, 2011

#1442 Zoom Hunting

Title: Zoom Hunting
Chinese Title: 獵豔
Year: 2010
Country: Taiwan
Running Time: 87 min
Director: Cho Li
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Rating: 7.4

The trailer makes this movie so mysterious that u want to watch it
But when u catch the movie... It was actually so disappointed!
The first 40 minutes was good but the second half was just so predictable!
It took away the mysterious plot of the movie!

BUT after all what happen actually?
Because it end with the connection between the people.
Just a little bit confused!!

It's always nice to watch Janine Chang on screen!
After Black & White she became one of my favorite actress from Taiwan
And James Wen... But the scenes from him was just so different from the other drama's I've watched... You wont expect that LOL

Sisters Ru Yi & Ru Xing shares a flat together in a quiet Taipei neighborhood. Ruyi is a photographer and her sister Ruxing is a novelist. One day, Yang Ruyi is on her building's roof snapping pictures of her neighborhood. She then snaps pictures of a couple engaged in a heated moment near a window. Intrigued by the couple, Yang Ruyi investigates their backgrounds and discovers they are both married and having an affair. Her sister at first chastises Yang Ruyi for taking the inappropriate photos, but she also becomes curious by the coupe as well. Yang Ruxing is suffering from writer's block and is late on deliver her novel. She then uses her sister's photo's as the basis for her next novel.

Janine Chang - Yang Ru Xi
Zhu Zhi Ying - Yang Ru Xing
James Wen - Cheating Man
Chuo Heng Yin - Cheating Woman
Michelle Krusiec - Cheating Man's Wife
Chin Shih Chieh - Doorman
Jack Kao - Editor
Huang Jian Wei - Police Officer



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