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July 20, 2011

#1449 Temptation Of Eve - Her Own Art

Title: Temptation Of Eve - Her Own Art
Also Known As: Her Technique
Korean Title: 이브의 유혹 - 그녀만의 테크닉/Ibeueui Yoohok - Geunyemaneui Tekeunik
Year: 2007
Country: Korea
Running Time: 86 min
Director: Yoo Jae Hwan
Genre: Drama/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 7.0

One of the four movies from Temptation Of Eve.
This one is much better than the previous one that I've watched.
The story is better and even the cast are better!

Never betray a woman!
A revenge will be very hard!!
This is what this movie told me!
But other side Men are bastards!!
They always look @ the HOT and the UGLY they don't care!
Lust is so huge ...

A Young and successful doctor Ji Hoon has a crush on a sexy women, Hye Yeong. But Hye Yeong seems completely uninteresting in him. Finally, Ji Hoon receives a call from Hye Yeong abd they have an exciting sex. Ji Hoon get s a message next day and he rushes to the hospital and his wife. Seon Hee tells him that her father has passed away and leaves her a huge heritage. Ji Hoon tries to reconcile with Seon Hee for money, but only to fall prey to his own wrongs . . .

Kim Ji Wan - Ji Hoon
Seo Yeong - Hye Yeong
Yoo Jin Ah - Seon Hee
Jeon Se Hong - Hwa Kyeong
Choi Rak Jin - Hyeok Soo
Son Min Seok - Pil Joong
Won Tae Hee - Min Gyoo
Son Seon Geun - President Jeong
Choi Min Geum - Teacher Han
Jeon Hae Ryong - Director Kim



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