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July 19, 2011

#1448 Temptation Of Eve - Kiss

Title: Temptation Of Eve - Kiss
Korean Title: 이브의 유혹 - 키스/Ibeueui Yoohok - Ki-seu
Year: 2007
Country: Korea
Running Time: 91 min
Director: Nam Ki Woong
Genre: Drama/Suspense
Rating: 5

OMG I really don't know which part this is!
Somewhere it said PART 4 ..
BUT the opening in the movie said PART 2
But I already add PART 2 to Good Wife!!
Well I still don't know!
Just a part of Temptation of Eve! LOL

This is the second Temptation of Eve movie that I have watched!
AND OMG this one is so boring!!!
The movie is to slow and the story isn't really interesting
The cast is not attractive ... just NOT
Sorry to say waste of time!!
Good Wife was much better!!
And I hope my next one 'Her Technique/Her Own Art' is better!

Young Hoon, a nude photographer, and Jung Im, a food stylist are both successful in their respective professions. Having dated for seven years before getting married, they’re more like friends than lovers. Due to the nature of her husband’s work, Jung Im occasionally feels insecure in her marriage, though this long-married couple has trust in one other.

One day, Young Hoon befriends a neighboring couple, Hyun Chul and Hyo Jin. Next to the authoritative husband, Hyo Jin looks quite unstable and insecure and Young Hoon cannot help but feel drawn to her sadness. But the more he falls for Hyo Jin, the deeper his trouble becomes…

Kim Kyeong Ik - Young Hoon
Yoon Mi Kyeong - Hyo Jin
Lee Ja Kyeong - Jung Im
Yang Yeong Jo - Hyun Chul


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