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September 8, 2012

#1875 Korean School 2.17 + Food

This is one of my hardest day from this year!!
It's even harder than a Friday working day!
I only slept 3 hours for today
And I'm really lack of sleep this week
(I'm old and need many many sleep)

So I woke up around 4.20 AM to continue to study Korean
Because I had an Intermediate 1 exam ..
OH gosh it was so hard!!
I just screwed it up!!
I don't even know If i can to the next class!!
Well hope my teacher let me know as soon as possible ..

I really appreciate to have my friends/classmates beside me!
Thank you all!! Love you all!!

After school I have lunch with some friends
Jessica, Lae and JW ...
We had some 'kapsalon' (and lae took pizza) again!
Too bad the cheese is so less!!
If I make it I can put so many cheese on it "boehoeeee"
BUT I love it!!
Also got some ice cream and baklava after it
Too bad it's to sweet!!

Sometimes I hate that I need to work right after lunch
I really like to chill more with my friends
See you all next week my friends :D

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