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September 4, 2012

#1871 Being A Tourist + Vapiano

Today I've been a tourist!
We went to Volendam!!
It's my second time there
And I actually can't remember the first time!
We just took our Korean friend around

We had some late lunch and we made 'many' pictures
Well I don't have many
Maybe they have LOL

I went back to Amsterdam earlier than the others
Because I had dinner with Jessica @ Vapiano!

I took the linguine with carbonara and Jessica took the papperdella with pesto
Because Vapiano's 10 years anniversary(?) Jessica received a free amuse
Maybe I still was full from my late lunch
I couldn't finish all of my dinner

After dinner Jessica went home because she need to attend school the next day!
I rejoined my 'tourist' friends to had a drink

Thanks Jaeyong for the present!
It's very beautiful and like the card
The temple in Kyeongju I went before LOL

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