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March 5, 2012

#1717 Vapiano ~~~~~

Today on my day off I got a date with my girl Cindy
It has been a while I meet her..
Last time was last year I think ..
Because I remember I smoke when I met her ...

It was actually only for dinner
BUT because we met each other earlier we just walk around in the city!
There was still sale!! 
I bought myself a shirt .. LOL
I was looking for a skirt but couldn't find it!

We got dinner @ Vapiano!
It's my second time and first time in Amsterdam!

I took the Pasta Carbonara again!
I actually want it with Fusilli BUT that cook gave me Penne
ALRIGHT I don't mind! Next time
Cindy took the vegetable special ..
With Spinach spaghetti ..
It look's very healthy LOL LOL

I think Amsterdam is better than Rotterdam?
It wasn't that oil ..
Much better ..
I will surely come back!!! 

It was really a nice day with Cindy!
And I really want to thank her for the souvenirs!
I didn't expect that
I didn't even got things for u when I was in Paris!!
Thanks girl

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