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April 29, 2012

#1770 Dinner? Supper?

I'm back from the party!
I took the last train to home!!
I really want to stay to continue but I didn't let myself to do it!

I got so much fun fun 
It was really DAEBAK ...
I'm gonna miss Jinhwan oppa!!

The pictures coming later!
If I want to upload ..
Because to many!!

Well back @ home I just made some food ..
Well it was actually my dinner BUT ..
It was midnight so it should called supper?
dinner .. supper ..? dinner .. supper?
Who cares I got fooooood!!

Well it's a soup LOL
Spinach, egg, chestnut mushroom and salmon
Well the soup was fine but the chestnut mushroom is really yikes!
I won't buy that again!!

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