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April 21, 2012

#1764 Korean School 2.5

Why I'm a feeling so tired?
Actually I don't have the courage to continue with this study anymore
First I do it for myself but now I'm doing it for some one ..
BUT if the one don't care .. why should I still continue?
It became a dilemma for me after all ...
And I'm really not happy about it ..

Homework was so much
The first time I didn't make it all ..
I skipped the last 2 exercises
More because I don't understand it ..
I actually don't like it to make the homework first ...
BUT I deal with it ..
It's getting more difficult ...
To much grammar .. OH GOSH ...
Can I make it this semester??

After school I didn't join the group to have lunch
I just went to Chinatown to buy some product.
Maybe next week ..
I'm just so busy lately ...

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