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April 16, 2012

#1757 Kokusai

After 13 days I finally got a day off!!
I hate all the holi'days' ...

Today I just got a dinner with 'friends' from Korean School.
My teacher is also my friend I think?
And also a friend of her ...

We went to Kokusai
An 'All You Can Eat' restaurant in Amstelveen.
It's near my school ...

What about the food?
The food was OK ..
I just missed the scallops sushi
And to less Cheese sushi's
Further it was OK ...

Well it was very enjoyable
It's actually the first time to eat with a big group from Korean School
And because I hardly know the other 3 ..Only Jessica and JW from my class
BUT it was fun all that chit chat ^.^
We should do it more next time ..
Sometimes I hate my busy schedule ..
Well busy it's more work work ... 

I haven't take many pictures
So must meet the next time!!
So we can take more!!

And thanks Uncle Mike for the ride ^.^

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