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April 14, 2012

#1754 Korean School 2.4 + Food

I'm just so tired ...
I need to work 13 days in a row ..
So I hadn't a day off this week ..

Last week no school because Easter.
I'm happy to be back @ school
Although I'm still tired ..
BUT nice to see my friends again ..

I'm always pay attention to my lessons
BUT this time I just couldn't
It was about 'Family'  ..
It was just not really my subject ...
I just got wet eyes when I think about it ..

Not only my lessons but just the whole day
I was just so lost ...
I should pay more attention next time ...

After school we just had lunch @ La Place
I just took a salad ..
I love the cold potatoes ..

I just have nothing to mention this time ..
I just want to rest ...

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