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January 1, 2012

#1648 New Year

Happy New Year people of the world!!
Wishing my blog got more visitors!!
And also hope people like my post and give me some comment!!

So what's gonna happen in this new year?
Well first about my blog
I keep updating my "personal" life
And I'm also gonna add pages!
I'm not sure about what
I was thinking about Running Man ..
But I'm still about it ..
I;m just not good in it!!

My intentions of the new year are
Quit smoking, saving money and driving license? LOL

I already didn't smoke for 3 days!!
This is my fourth day!!
It's really hard, because really craving for one!!
BUT I keep fighting!!

I really and really need to save money!!
I hardly save some last year!!
I need to save for Paris in February and I want to go on holiday in the summer!!
I still keep fighting!!

Driving license? LOL
I actually already gave it up!
I don't think I will get it!
SO maybe i will go for it or maybe not!
We will see about this one!!

Anyway I hope everybody wishes and intentions come true!

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