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May 13, 2012

#1784 Korean School 2.7 + Bachelor Party

OK .. I really don't like to go to Korean School anymore
BUT When I'm @ school 
I'm just so happy .. I hell don't know why!

The second time I meet up with some friends @ Schiphol before we went to school
Just breakfast and feeding the birds LOL ..

I didn't know that we got a music workshop
Because last semester it was only for the beginners class 
And probably this year for all the classes

Dong-dak dong-dak dong-dong-dak
It was really funny!!
Just hit it all out!!

Oh gosh I hell don't know what to do ..
So many grammar and so difficult ..
Next week we got a mid-term test
I don't think I'm able to learn it or make it ..
My condition isn't really ready for this ..
BUT I will try it .. 

After school I went to Eindhoven for a bachelor party from Wing Yu
We did a burlesque workshop ..
OK it was really not my thing ..
And I wear the wrong clothes LOL

We had dinner @ sushi restaurant Yammi Yammi
I love cheese sushi!!

I just don't have many things to say
Maybe I sit with the wrong people 
It was actually a little bit awkward ..
I just haven't seen them for like 8-12 months
So there wasn't any chemistry ..
Sorry if you read this ..

I just went home ..
Actually want to drink with a friend
BUT we just cancel it ..
So maybe next time ..
I was just dead when I reach home ...
Probably because many things ..
Hope it's getting better .. soon ..

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