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July 10, 2010

#1089 Kung Fu Mahjong 3 - The Final Duel

English Title: Kung Fu Mahjong 3 - The Final Duel
Chinese Title: 雀圣3:自摸三百番
Year: 2007
Country: Hong Kong
Running Time: 91 min
Director: Bosco Lam
Genre: Comedy, Gambling

Fine to see Roger Kwok back in this last part.
Although this one is not better than part 1.
This one is missing the comedy too

Shirley make her first movie appearance
She save the movie with a little bit comedy, but couldn't save the movie either
Nat Chan replacing Yuen Wah actually although he made a guest appearance
Too bad because Yuen Wah chemistry with Yuen Qiu was the best in part 1!

Kwan You has mastered mahjong and is nicknamed "The Half-Century Man" because he once won 50 hands of mahjong in a roll. Everybody expects him to succeed his father, Cheuk 'Yeh' to be the Grandmaster of Kungfu Mahjong. However, his father has a heart attack on his 60th birthday and is hospitalized. 2 Sok, his father's new wife takes the opportunity to persuade him to leave his estate to her instead of his son. His father tells her that she would get her wish if she beats Kwan You in a game of mahjong.

Meanwhile, Kwan You falls in love with Ah Leng a lady of rotten luck. All her previous boyfriends were either bankrupt or had died in accidents. Kwan You's fortunes go downhill instantly, to the extent that when he plays mahjong with 2 Sok and her lover, he's almost cleaned out.

Roger Kwok - Man Kwan You
Shirley Yeung - Ng Leng/Black Girl
Yuen Qiu - 1 Tong
Nat Chan - Chan Sam Lat/Chan Kai Wu
Ha Yu - Man Poen Pat/Cheuk 'Yeh'
Patricia Liu - 2 Sok
Chan Hung Lit - Mau
Ricky Chan - Pau Paan
Winnie Leung - Ng Cheng/Black Rose
Yuen Wah - M Chi Dau
Sammy Leung - Gan Ba Te
Queenie Fung - Mo San Choi
Mak Cheung Ching - Waiter
Wong Yat Fei - Swindler
Billy Lau - Swindler

Rating: 7.6


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