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August 26, 2012

#1862 To Be Love or Hate?

This has nothing to do with my blog
Although I know no one will give me any comment
I still want to write it down ..
Maybe I sound like a bitch (I am) about it
BUT I don't care ..

I wonder how people look @ greedy people?
Do they need to love or hate?

I used A and B as the persons .

B currently dislike someone very much
B maybe don't know A very long but it is around 11 months
First B was very close with A
BUT lately they grew out together

It's maybe because of B but the biggest problem A
B couldn't stand A's attitude and the manner

B lately heard many stories about A
When B heard of it

Here's a story I want to share with you all ^.^

I just heard from others that A always called a guy out for dinner
So the guy can pay the bill ..
I think that guy paid more than that
Because what I know they also went to a trip and that guy got a house there
So A could stay over there ..
I also knew that that guy gave A a bracelet
A only say thank you ans that's all
Not even a hug for everything what he did for A

I just don't know how stupid a person can be!
If a guy is nice to you why you don't grab the change
A is not even beautiful!
Other wise I think the guy is just being used for the money!
If I know that guy I surely won't be so stupid!
I really feel sorry for him!!
But that's my opinion

So is A stupid or that guy?

If you ever read it yes I'm talking about you
SO WHAT!! ..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

don't be friends with someone like A. people like that are not worth it.